Nocturnal City Journal

by Big Blue Sun

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These songs tell stories to paint a picture of life as a seen by imaginary residents of the old worn out historic English city of Gloucester.

We hope you enjoy listening to it and please share it with others too if you think it deserving of attention.


released November 10, 2008

Produced by BIG BLUE SUN - Recorded at loficity studios (which is sadly no more), in various rooms at George’s house, in Pat & Robin’s kitchen and at the Gloucester Guildhall by George Moorey & Shane Young

Dan Pierce: Vocals, Guitars, doubts & fears
George Moorey: Piano, Guitars, Backing Vocals, grit & determination
Shane Young: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, taste & good sense
Andy Farrington: Bass, Brass, hope & happiness
Pat Roberts: Accordion, Backing Vocals
Kathryn Wheeler: Violin, Accordion, Backing Vocals
Jon Hoyle: Ukulele, Backing Vocals

Lyrics by Dan Pierce except track 4 by Dan & Ruth Pierce , track 6 by Dan Pierce & George Moorey and track 10 by Dan Pierce, Shane Young & Andy Farrington



all rights reserved


Big Blue Sun Gloucester

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Track Name: Choirs

We had to hustle Sunday morning
Use all our muscle to get going
Going to use your wealth
Empire ain't going to build itself

We read the message on the pages
We do believe he really saves us
But you know what else?
Empire ain't going to build itself

Lord knows I'm an awful sinner
Get fat, watch the rest get thinner
Lord knows it makes him tired
Empires crumble, crumble when you got no humble choirs

We heard the message on the station
With every blessing comes temptation
Going straight to hell
Empire ain't going to build itself
Track Name: Gloucester Moves
Gloucester moves
Just enough to let you through
Just enough to find us something to do

Gloucester moves
The citizen with breaking news
Breaking us down but when we're almost too bruised

Well they'll speak of restoration
Gonna bring us back to health
Cos we're so sick of hearing how this place can't be anything else
Although sometimes it's hard to prove
We're building something new

Gloucester moves
Touching down and tempting doom
But when it comes for her to change her tune

Gloucester moves
Just enough to leave some clues
Never too late but almost never too soon
Track Name: The Devil Is Harder To Please Than You Think
Lost at the races and onto the stout
The strangest of tastes at the back of the mouth
Getting much harder to win
Sinking deep under the skin
It ain't that hard to begin
The devil is harder to please than you think

Last one to order and on from the town
Hitting each branch as he's on his way down
Getting to the end of a drink
Wait until they open again
It's getting harder to swim
The devil is harder to please than you think

His drop to the bottom is clearly signed
With bottles and bottles left shattered behind
How has it been?
Have another tonic and gin
It's getting harder for him
The devil is harder to please than you think
Track Name: Shut Us Down
Put in the sale
Put up the sign
Put in the tape
Play, repeat
She is the prey
Looking to feed
Shopping for things
She just doesn't need

I suppose if she wanted me to know
She might just have said
Looking around
This is the end
They shut us down

Put in the sale
Stretching the pound
Which is the tail
Wagging the hound
Put in the work
Put in the hours
Putting the words
Into her mouth
Track Name: Baker's Boy
Billy the baker's boy was such a clown
Used to ride his baker's bike too fast through town
Tides on up the beacon and comes turning around
Cos he knows the steeper the hill he climbs the faster he comes down

Ride now ride now and you play your bell
Ride now through the open gates of hell

It won't be long before Billy's gone because he breaks his crown
Breaking every bone he has as he hits the ground
All the wives and mothers they come gather round
Cos they know that once where laughter came they'll never hear the sound
Track Name: Wanting To End With The Girl
He notices smoke in the air before there's a spark
Strictkly a one night affair, he leaves after dark
Enter black, brunette or blonde
He'll never just settle for one
Wanting to end with the girl before it's begun

Taking them out on the boats or lunch in the park
Leaving at night has become some kind of art
A break in the cloud for their sun
His love will not last very long
Wanting to end with the girl before it's begun
Track Name: Playing With Fire
He is the man who keeps on switching
Says it ain't you it's his affliction
Him and his feet just keep on itching to leave

Finding the place of his conviction
In quite a bad state of dereliction
We've got to explain and stop him mixing their drinks

Run cos you're playing with fire
Singed as the flames getting higher
You should have run when you started to choke
Don't head for the heat
Watch for the smoke

He is the man that's cashed his chips
He's a one of a kind that takes the biscuit
Cover your eyes before you risk it with him

Takes what he can and calls it quits
He's a regular die-hard technical hitch
Sorry but I'm afraid that the picture looks dim
Track Name: Man With Two Brains
Oh Lord help the indecision
It breaks my heart in two
He has one half for all his demons
The other half for you
So some days he sides with evil
On others with your son
Whichever one he's picking ends up wishing
He picked the other one

Well them girls come in different sizes
Says you have to understand
While his opinion is divided
He's only just a man
He has an eye for brunettes
Ends up taking home a blonde
Whichever one he's picking ends up wishing
He picked the other one

Think things but do not say them
You really can't complain if you don't weigh them
The man with two brains
One side going up as one comes down

So the quiet life is easy
But it doesn't get much done
He likes to put his feet up lately
But he's always on the run
Penthouse in the city
Or the country house and farm
Whichever one he's picking ends up wishing
He picked the other one

On some days he wears the trousers
But then lets the others lead
He's so thirsty for a victory
That he's happy to concede
Likes to wake up sober
But can's sleep without his run
Whichever one he's picking ends up wishing
He picked the other one