Engines EP

by Big Blue Sun

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These are the songs from our live set that were written after Nocturnal City Journal and they could be the very last ones we record together as Dan embarks on his new vocation. We hope you like them and of course share them with anyone else you think might like them too.


released July 3, 2010

written by Dan Pierce
performed by Dan Pierce (vocals, guitar), George Moorey (drums, percussion, guitar, piano), Andy Farrington (bass, trumpet), Pat Roberts (backing vocals), Jon Hoyle (backing vocals) & Kathryn Wheeler (backing vocals, accordion and violin)



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Big Blue Sun Gloucester

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Track Name: Wisdom Is Blue
You can end all your praying with anger
And begin your petition with hate
You confide all your troubles with Jesus
But some of the answers feel late
It’s the ending of time
You’ll remember when chariots blaze in the sky
As a young man you asked all your questions
As an old man you’re still wondering why
Why did your lover desert you for that man?
Why is it power always ends in the wrong hands?
Why does the easiest day come with unpredictable demands?
Wisdom’s a colour and the colour is blue

Well I woke up this morning with embers
‘cos the night has consumed all my hope
But then with my friends we start singing
Somehow it’s helping us cope
And in 12 bars we’ll drink to remember
While others stay sober with doubts
And with every bum note that we’re singing
Brings us closer to figuring out
How can making war can be called keeping peace?
How come lovers are the ones we mistreat?
How come everything is equal till you’re sitting in my seat?
Wisdom’s a colour and the colour is blue

So hush now and don’t be frightened because she’s bringing some good times too
Wisdom is coming and she’s coming for you.
Track Name: Engines
Never been further than the end of the street
Could be forgiven for making a leap
It’s my assumption that your hard to keep
Engines on but only some get going

We kept the motor down the side of the house
We had the notion it was getting us out
But come the evening I was having some doubts
Engines on but only some get going

Now it’s breaking down
It’s breaking down
It’s breaking down

We got the bad side of the deal
We thought we had ourselves a steal
But come the evening take both hands off the wheel
Engines on but only some get going